About Us

Global Babe has a simple business philosophy. It is Global Babe’s mission to make you look hot and feel awesome. Global Babe enables you to be the most gorgeous, divine, empowered woman anywhere in the world. Our company supports you to be the ultimate Global Babe. We have made easy wearable outfits, in bright bold colours, which make you look so beautiful on the outside, you can work on the inside.

Global Babe is a fashion brand, but it is also an ethos about how to be your best possible fabulous self. Global Babe is about loving and respecting you, empowerment and living your best possible life… all in workable ultra chic easy care outfits. Global Babe is a company specialising in Sun Hats and Jumpsuits. Sun Hats which protect your best asset - your face from the damaging sun. Jumpsuits are also 100% chic. They are non- iron, easy to wear, low care, powerful, show stoppers. Put a Global Babe jumpsuit on and you girlfriend are rocking the universe.

Global Babe has arrived to encourage you to live the life of your dreams and “ Empower your Exquisiteness”.

Lots of Love

The powerful, loving, caring, giving founders of Global Babe.