[2016.11.09] Why We’re Planting Our First 2,000 Trees

Every time you purchase a Global Babe jumpsuit or strong hat, we plant a small tree as part of our two million trees initiative.

We’re preparing to plant our first 2,000 as we reach an unfortunate milestone. Global greenhouse gases, particularly carbon dioxide, are accelerating at a staggering pace. We’re witnessing the highest levels of CO2 in our atmosphere in over 400,000 years.


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[2016.11.04] According to the WHO…

I’ve been catching up with the latest data on sun health from the World Health Organization (WHO). It’s not the possible danger that’s dramatic but rather how well-equipped we actually are to safeguard our own health. It’s very empowering.

Skin cancers rank high among afflictions that may largely be avoided if we take the necessary precautions. In fact, the WHO explains that the top experts in the field have strong reasons to believe that 4 out of 5 incidences of skin cancer could have been avoided. This type of insight can’t simply be brushed aside. Experts believe 80% of skin cancer cases never had to occur?


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[2016.10.26] Plastic Surgery - We've Gone Too Far

Sadly, as a society, we’ve become far too relaxed with the idea of plastic surgery. The market for elective surgeries is now a multi-billion dollar business. In 2015, over 15.9 million surgical and minimally-invasive procedures were performed in the U.S. alone. And while we’re certainly not judging, things have admittedly gone too far.

According to, $14 billion was spent on cosmetic surgery in 2014… an investment that could have funded the National Institute on Aging for over 11 years. Imagine that.


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[2016.10.15] Fuss-Free Travel

How to avoid a dreadfully wrinkled wardrobe… I travel a lot and it’s a rather irksome challenge that presents itself when I’m on the go. You can iron, steam, stuff and still arrive with a pile of creased and crinkled clothes. In short, an incredible waste of time.

I believe in garments that stay wrinkle-free. You can deplane as pulled together as ever or arrive to your accommodations to get dressed in minutes.

I always travel with a Global Babe jumpsuit (or few). You can literally throw a jumpsuit into your bag, pull it out, toss it across the room and throw it on - still no wrinkles.


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[2016.10.09] The Importance of Sun Protection

We're enjoying a sun-filled spring (with intermittent rain) here in Singapore but regardless of season or climate, sun protection ought to be a top priority for us all. I'm curious, what do you do to stay sun safe?

I have to wonder if most people ignore the facts because they've received the same advice and the same statistics time and time again. The hubris of thinking they've heard it all before kicks in and they instantly tune out. But whether we heed the warnings or not, the threat of overexposure to UV rays is all too real.


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[2015.12.03] Style with the block

One of the things I loved about living in Saint Tropez is you do and I did pick up some style tips.

But before we even discus the benefits of the French Rivera and its customs I would like to announce the winner of our first ever Christmas giveaway.

Congratulations, and a big hug and kiss to Kaisa Blaylock our winner from Washington. USA. We have sent you a Global Babe red jumpsuit from Singapore, just this morning and it should be with you in two days.


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[2015.11.25] You dont Need an Interior Decorator Darling

One of the great, delicious and almost soothing justices of life is money does not buy style.

It’s a wonderful contradiction.  Quite often I notice when a lot is spent the result is a negative.

One of the great misadventures of my life was hiring an interior decorator! It was a complete disaster. Living overseas at the time, I gave this acclaimed interior designer carte blanche to decorate my home. It was a fatal mistake. The ”designer” filled my home with faux french antiques at a price tag which almost made me vomit. When I asked for the original receipts she would not give them to me! The interior guru gave me invoices under her company name but would not reveal the original provenance of the items. I sought legal advice. But as the bill had been paid, I did not have a lot of recourse.


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[2015.11.18] Children & Skin Cancer

Children and the sun are of particular interest to us at Global Babe.

If you are a mum with children of any age, I have a question for you: Do you go through phases were you are super vigilant about applying or having the children wear sunscreen where as at other times you think, “oh what the heck, time in the sun is OK, and let’s leave the sunscreen off and give me a break!”

All mums are in a tricky position on this one, but the truth is we need to be mindful and continue the work to keep our children safe in the sun. This is because: Sun exposure in the first 10 years of life partly determines your lifetime potential for skin cancer. So these are the facts:


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[2015.11.11] Why Don’t Australian Women Wear Hats?

I am outrageously curious. I have been living in Perth, Australia for the last four weeks,. I am left wondering: Why don’t Aussie women embrace the sunhat?

On the school run, I am there in the Global Babe strong hat, fully covered. The sprint from the car park to the classroom is a safe one for me, but the other mums are fully exposed to the sun.

“Nice hat”, they say, in passing. “Wow I am taken back by your outfit. Where are you going?” the mummies ask. I say “Nowhere. Life’s too short not to look fabulous!”


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[2015.03.29] LKY- RIP

Mr. Lee Yuan Kew.

Swept up in the outpouring of grief for Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, I thought it appropriate to shine some light on a unique way of life engineered by Mr. Lee in Singapore.

Rising at 5. 30 am and dressed in black I took my daughter to the Istana, the Singaporean presidential residence were his body lay, before his final trip to parliament.

Together with my daughter, I wrote Mr. Lee a thank you letter, and uncontrolled by emotion surprisingly burst into tears. A Singaporean reporter, who writes for a Chinese local newspaper came up to me, and said you seem ‘most saddened’, and you are not from Singapore, do you mind if I interview you.  And so she did.

And this is what I told her:


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[2014.06.12] Factor 50 Suncream 'Does Not Stop Skin Cancer and its not adequate protection against the sun'

Factor 50 suncream is not a reliable way of protecting against skin cancer, according to researchers.

A Cancer Research UK study found high factor suncream can reduce DNA damage and slow the onset of malignant melanoma - but it does not offer adequate protection alone.


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[2014.04.23] The first EVER Sun Hat to be validated by British Skin Foundation

For the first time in its history, the British Skin Foundation, the leading UK organisation into skin cancer research has officially validated it’s first ever hat, and it’s the Global Babe Strong Hat.

The Global Babe Strong hat carries an incredible UPF factor of 1200 + as approved by the Australian Radiation Protection Authority.


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